The OnLine Academy Charter School
is committed to ensuring an excellent online learning experience from Kindergarten through 12th Grade

The application for a charter by OnLine Academy Charter School (OLACS) is currently being reviewed and OLACS anticipates being operational in the near term. To reserve a place in our online school, complete an application form by clicking the word Application on the left side of this screen. Meanwhile, feel free to browse our website to see the programs that will be offered.

Charter schools in Florida are public schools that can be attended by students under the age of 21. There is no charge to the student and the schools provide an accredited and Florida Department of Education approved curriculum. The OnLIne Academy Charter School can be attended by any student in the state. To view frequently asked questions about the Florida online program, click here.

To see the programs offered, click on the grade in which you are interested in the menu list on the left of this page.

The student who graduates from the OnLine Academy Charter School will receive the same Florida public school high school diploma awarded to any other student who satisfactorily completes all academic requirements.

The mission of Online Academy Charter School is to provide the highest standards of academic excellence incorporating a guided self-directed learning philosophy. We are committed to providing a challenging and supportive online learning opportunity for public school students that fosters high expectations for intellectual development that help form a catalyst for the success of every student.  Utilizing a strong partnership between home and school, we strive to have active involvement between students’ parents and course providers resulting in learning and development that will achieve the student’s greatest potential and enable them to ultimately find where they fit in society.

How we will achieve our mission.
Online Academy Charter School will meet high standards of student achievement by utilizing the finest in online delivered Kindergarten through 12th grade courses.   The School will offer a diverse group of parents and students an innovative educational opportunity through the implementation of a self-directed learning process for improving academic achievement. The goal is to help our students realize their full potential by enabling them to have time to studies specific topics in which they are individually interested and still engage them in the core courses to achieve a well-rounded education.
Additionally, high school students will be offered involvement in the Learn A LivingTM program, providing a method by which students can choose a career path and be assisted in pursuing that career through partnerships with local businesses.   This program is currently available through the OnLine Training Institute.

Online courses designed for online delivery.
OnLine Academy Charter School (OLACS) serves more online courses than any other online school —and it is in large part because OLACS sets the highest standards of course quality.
The courses are never just a scanned textbook and calling it an online course. OLACS courses are designed and developed for online delivery from the outset. The team of curriculum experts and course designers start from scratch, thoroughly scoping out the learning objectives for each course. They map out a strategy for how to best accomplish those objectives using online text, graphics, charts, illustrations, interactive demonstrations, offline reading materials or activities, and interactive online discussions. Then, usability testing is conducted to make sure students can easily navigate through the lessons and master the intended learning objectives.
OLACS knows that the combination of rich, engaging content with interesting, interactive demonstrations and activities helps students absorb and retain information. The use of graded assignments and assessments further allows students to demonstrate progress toward learning objectives.

Individual attention will be paid to each student.
The School will have the responsibility of determining students’ educational needs and continuously monitoring their progress. Florida Assessment for Instruction in Reading (FAIR - Grades K-8) or student records from previous schools (as applicable) may be used to gather baseline data on each student. The assessment capability of the approved course provider will also be utilized to determine the student’s level and prepare an individualized learning plan.  The data may also include standardized test scores, report card grades, attendance records, behavioral records, and any other available documentation to assist proper placement and academic success.   

Measurement of success is critical.
Accessing data from the State’s Accountability Reports, the School will measure its own progress in meeting the needs of its student population and make the necessary accommodations as applicable in meeting its educational responsibilities. The School continuously gathers varied data to maintain a School Improvement Plan as a method of accountability on an annual basis. This plan details specific goals and strategies to achieve academic success and fiscal efficiency (including budget projections and evaluations from internal audits). Financial controls - including an annual audit and regular board review of financial statements - will be employed to safeguard finances and promot financial efficiency.  By communicating specific educational goals and financial responsibilities to its stakeholders – board of directors, community partners, staff, students, and parents - the School Improvement Plan will serve as a viable means of promoting continuous academic success and financial efficiency. 

Parental involvement is essential.
The School will provide parents with regualr progress reports indicating to the parent the child’s learning gains.  The School is committed to ongoing communication between the School and the parents regarding every child’s progress. This will be achieved through mid-quarter progress reports, quarterly report cards, regular online grade-book postings, virtual or face-to-face parent conferences, and other events and other forms of virtual, written, and oral communication to promote parental involvement.           

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